The Gift of administration and Canon Andrew White

After all the trials and living in a war zone-Is he now going to be felled for some administrational faux pas? He needs our prayers! Although he or his charity, handled substantial funds while helping people survive-of all faiths-in Iraq, I wonder if he had the administrational back up he needed.
Yet again, the importance of administrational excellence-so unappreciated, but vital to any successful operation and vital for accountability.
In ancient Israel, every household had to regularly calculate its exact income in order to pay the tithe, (in goods) or add twenty percent to convert to money.
Basic school education should at least equip us to be able to accurately handle money and expect accuracy.
Administration is named as a spiritual gift in the New Testament, but I have never heard anyone pray for it. When there is revival, I assume that, along with all the other spiritual gifts given to the church, that gift must also be fanned into flame. Without it, how would the framework of the church existed.
Can you imagine an administrator being on a poster to promote a Christian meeting? Come to this, Susan is
collecting then counting your money, then it will go to the right places, be properly accounted for, your gift aid will be accurate, and all the bills will be paid!
The gift of administration folks- Alleluia! We need our administrators so much! But how can one get over this hurdle of feeling that it is not time well spent, with regard to one’s own admin?

Prayer for our nation in the light of the result 23/06/16

Thank You Lord, King of the Universe, that You have had Your hand on our nation for many centuries and It is there still.
Please bless and help all our politicians.
Please help the honest ones to speak out.
May this country draw closer to You.
Please raise up an army of pray-ers.
May all evil against our country be defeated.
We look to You for help in our relationships with the rest of the world.
We look to You to bless our industries and trade.
We look to You to help our police and society to fight crime.
We look to You to help us shed oppressive laws off the statute book.
WE look to you to bring the right MPs to power.
Let us have not what we deserve, but what You in Your mercy love to bestow.
In the Name of Jesus

Travel tips for lady alone in Morocco.


Accommodation (Budget)
Some of the people who offer it at places of arrival are OK. You could probs get it for about 50 MAD per night but check bed has not been slept in, and what loo is like.
Keep hidden.
Bus tickets.
Buy from office where possible as hawkers usually charge more-but sometimes don’t. If you buy at the office, you will probably pay the same as a local person.
Cart pushing men
Take your luggage for you through pedestrianised areas.In Essaouira they charge you 20MAD. Locals will pay about a tenth of that. Hold on to your luggage hard to stop them form helping you.
Keep hidden
Safe to eat. I have never had an upset stomach in Morocco.Including street food.
Most Berbers are very honest.
Keep hidden
Moroccan Dirhams about 13 to the pound. The first place you see at the airport is not a good rate, but other ones are. People are likely to be queuing at them.
Take a phone which can take any SIM. It is well worth it. Then get a Maroc Telecom SIM. The rules have become stricter. Some places require photo I.d. and have to fill out a form about you.
In hotels for foreigners. Made of turkey ham.
I wear one and try and cover all my hair. It constantly slides off, needs retying and readjusting.Bringing your own one is better.<a
Moroccans eat these, I do not.
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Assisted dieing, aka killing

How about bringing in a bill where policemen were allowed to steal, but only under specific circumstances, and the express permission of the victim. This is like allowing “assisted dying”. It could save the NHS millions. However, pre WW2 Germany did this sort of thing but still did not prosper because these sort of thing do not please God. Socrates believed that the purpose of life was to find out the truth. If this is the case, it applies to a person weather they are in good health or not, as well as whether they are in pain or not, and it means that even when someone is on their last legs, there is still a mission and meaning to their life, I do not believe that anyone has the right or the knowledge to judge the “quality” of someone else’s life. That is to look down on them from a great height, also it does not afford them dignity. Unfortunately doctors are unable to predict the time of death, therefore the rule about them thinking that the patient only has 6 months to live is not operable. The commandment of the Lord says “Thou shalt not kill”. This is not negotiable. (Neither is “thou shalt not steal”).

Uplifting music-part of English culture = latest self portrait



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome nice neighbours for that Nigel Farrage! Seriously when I heard these Romanians singing it just about brought tears to my eyes. English music. There is still a lot waiting to be done with all of our wonderful hymns which are part of our heritage.

Plus my latest self portrait waiting to be painted over. This foam core board is seriously to be recommended as it is light as well as stiff. The only thing is it costs about £7 something whereas hard board should be less than half that. The painting is A1 in size and partly achieved using the paint tube directly squeezed onto the painting. A technique I like a lot. I don’t know why more people do not do it. PS, not aiming for a likeness!

Warning, the human spirit is eternal, like God

This  occured to me only recently, after thinking about the horrific phenomenon of hell, which is mentioned in the new as well as the old testament. When Jesus or Yeshua says about those going to hell “whose fire never goes out and whose worm never dies”, he is quoting from Isaiah. When people go there, the torment never never stops. The Bible is consistent all the way through and no part disagrees with any other, which is pretty amazing considering it has so many authors and books. Only Jesus can save us form it for sure and bring us to haven which is the only alternative and delightful beyond belief.Photo 362

To Do lists

Making small decisions can cause stress. so what size piece of paper shall I write my to do list for tomorrow on? A6ish because that fits in my Filofax, A4, because it seems large enough to be significant. A1 because then I can see it from the end of the garden, A6, because then it can go in my pocket. It must not be folded because then it looks like every other piece of paper and gets lost. (Find to do list).There are a lot of “to do”s, but not as many as “to don’t”s, and I can cheer myself up with that thought. A to don’t list would be too long to ever put on paper and include things like taking an article out of the newspaper which belongs to the cafe and being cross with the check out girl if she forgets the loyalty card. Old To do lists make quite interesting reading and can increase feelings of adequacy, however, reading them would not be on my to do list and should therefore be avoided.MVC-006FHELP!

Make sure that every day you try something new/ mural in emulsions

e. g. listen to a new preacher, plant a new plant



I heard this sermon from Purley Baptists’.

There is a reading followed by a talk from minister.Thanks to Peter Nodding for all his research and committment. We are all made  to be adventurous and when the Lord says He is doing a new thing, this is a big plus, because I do not think any of us want to believe we are in a rut until we die! It’s either press on and overcome, or living in a state of denial that semicomatose moribundness has overtaken one’s life. Message to us all. Go outside that comfort zone!

Truth, the Bible, Jesus, even if you are not a Christian, you should investigate the claims of Christ

In the bible it says that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. It also says that Jesus says to those who are his pupils, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. Jesus also said “My words are Spirit and are truth” . He said “I am the truth”.Pontius Pilate, though, having Jesus the Christ right in front of him said “what is the truth”.

In the talk form James Mowle on Sunday, he talked about grace/ mercy kissing or unifiying with, truth/righteousness in the person of Jesus Christ. From Isaiah

Here are the references for the Bible phrases that I have mentioned above.They are from the Authorised of King James translation. Ideally everyone should read the Bible all the way through and have an idea of what is, and is not in it. Otherwise they will easily be deceived.

John 16:13He will guide you into all truth.John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 14:6:unto him I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but by me.John 18:38 Pilat saith unto him, What is truth